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Why Our Hope Depends On How God Feels About Himself

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about Himself? If God thinks about us (Ps. 139:17), then He surely thinks about Himself, the perfection of all things. While it’s natural for us to think about ourselves to an extent, some narcissistically think about themselves all the time. But is it self-centered for God to think about Himself all the time? The answer is an obvious no!

Why should we care about how God feels about Himself?

The basis for our relationship with God is in God’s ultimate happiness and contentment in Himself. Before we even desire to seek God, we must first know that He is happy and good, righteous and holy, and is fully satisfied in Himself. Thinking about God being fully pleased in Himself makes me confident that I, too, can be fully pleased in Him. It’s a curious thing, but we need affirmation from God’s delight in Himself to know that we can delight in Him, too.

“If God were not infinitely devoted to the preservation, display, and enjoyment of His own glory, we could have no hope of finding happiness in Him.” – John Piper, Desiring God

God, being the only true anchor in our lives, gives our ship a strong and unmovable line by the truth of His love, holiness, and goodness. If God doesn’t find complete satisfaction in Himself then we have no true anchor to hold on to, for God would not be God! Thank God that God loves God. 

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