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Seven Longings of the Human Heart

I have recently been (re)reading the book the Seven Longings of the Human Heart and I love it. I’m a little bit frustrated with myself, because I am supposed to be reading a different book before this one, but it’s just so good that I keep coming back to it.

The premise of this book is summed up pretty well in the title. God has placed longings inside of each of our hearts for the purpose of wooing us into His grace and presence; these longings are unquenchable and demand to be satisfied. This book focuses on seven foundational longings. Here’s an excerpt: 

“He created these priceless longings only to watch men and women pursue a false fulfillment. How He longs for His people to position their hearts and their hunger rightly, and in doing so, to encounter the surprise of their lives—the pleasures of God which satisfy beyond measure.”

Why read about what I long about? What I have found is that by understanding my own longings I can then decide if the things I am doing in life is trying to satisfy these longings in an inappropriate way. I want to place all my longings in God, and not simply pacify them by lesser pleasures.

When reading this book, especially the chapter The Longing For The Assurance That We Are Enjoyed By God, my heart goes on a roller coaster. I find examples Mike and Deborah use really engage my desires for God. In anticipation of the next “drop” my heart goes “yeeah boii…” and when it comes I feel the longings in my heart for God being awakened in the screaming excited “YEEHAW!” Then the picture is taken, and I check out my heart making a really stupid face in the gift shop after the coaster. 

In any case, you must read this book. Mike offers a free PDF download on his site or you can purchase a hardcopy at the IHOP-TLH bookstore.

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